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Transporte Sanitario de Cataluña

Who we are

We are a medical transport company, which was created by the Red Cross in the year 1999 in order to bid on the first public tender for medical transport convened by the Catalonia Health Department.

In 2006, we participated in the second public tender in which emergency and non-emergency medical transport were separated for the first time. We were awarded 27% of the activity.

In 2008, we grew with the incorporation of Ambulancias Condal, a company based in Baix Llobregat. In 2011, our shareholder changed from Agrupación Mutua, the hundred-year-old Catalan mutual insurance company, to Investindustrial, who has committed to support a model of growth and expansion based on the values of quality and humane treatment that we have been known for since the outset.

TSC is the heart of the Movilidad Sanitaria group in Spain and the driver of activity development in other countries.


Founded in 1999 to compete for the outsourcing of medical transport in Catalonia.


Agrupación Mutua

Agrupacion Mútua, the Catalan insurance company, buys 80% stake in TSC from the Red Cross. Quality System implementation begins.


The Coordination Center opens in Barcelona

The Coordination Center opens in Barcelona and develops and implements new service management software for emergency and scheduled services.


Agrupació Mútua

Agrupación Mútua acquires 100% of TSC, the Catalan insurance company. They win 6 contracts for scheduled services and 4 for emergency services.


Acquisition of Grupo Condal

Acquisition of Grupo Condal and Aragon territorial expansion



Investindustrial acquires 100% of TSC, provides new resources and defines a new strategy for growth and diversification.