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Cyclist 2013 Tour of Catalonia

During the week of 18–24 March 2013, two ambulances from Transport Sanitari de Catalunya, SLU, and AMBULANCIES Barcelona, SLU, conducted monitoring and health care coverage for the over 1,000 km covered by Tour of Catalonia participants.

Simulation at Barcelona-El Prat Airport

On 15 April, Transport Sanitari de Catalunya and Ambulàncies Condal, along with six SVB units, two SVA units and 14 technicians, participated in a multidisciplinary exercise to simulate an air disaster with victims at the Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

Ambulance Donation

On 24 May, as part of a project to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Syria within the framework of international cooperation, Transport Sanitari de Catalunya, SLU, donated a medical vehicle to the Asociación Sirio-Catalana para la Libertad y Democracia (Syrian-Catalan Association for Freedom and Democracy). The vehicle will be used to help provide care to patients who are victims of the armed conflict that Syria is suffering.