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TSC has all the technical and human infrastructure for the efficient transfer of patients in an urgent or scheduled basis, in collaboration with local and regional Health Organisations,both public and private.

A Service Management application developed with Oracle technology, a geo-location system of vehicles, the communications system via GSM / GPRS and an exclusive Route Management department us to make more than 3000 daily services with quality and efficiency.

But this would not be possible without the expertise of more than 1000 professionals who every day do their job efficiently and honestly.


Our greatest asset is people. In a highly competitive world that is constantly changing, we remain committed to security and training as a differentiator. 95% of our operational staff have TTS qualification.


From communications technology to our ambulances’ medical equipment, TSC relies on the best brands and innovation.


We have 300 vehicles that are fully equipped and tailored to the medical needs of the services we provide. Equipped with the latest technology, their objective is to give first aid to the patient and to provide comfortable, fast and efficient transport.